the eco-friendly

bicycle bell.

Made from aluminium. Designed in Estonia. Made in the EU.

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100,000 kg of trash in oceans due to bicycle bells

And that's the annual number. Wait what?! Bicycle bells consist of mostly plastic. However, every time plastic is recycled, its material qualities worsen. The result: The plastic in bicycle bells cannot be reused and essentially becomes unrecyclable waste. Some of which ends up in the ocean.

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The problem with plastics

We use plastics absolutely everywhere, from coffee cups to phone cases.

For this, we created an innovative design framework to make everyday products sustainable. We are enthusiastic cyclists, so we decided to start by applying it to a product close to our hearts: bicycle bells.

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Introducing Plyke,

the eco-friendly bicycle bell.

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To-be-patented aluminium design
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Fully recyclable
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Produced ethically in the EU

I've not found a bicycle bell more cool and practical as the Plyke bell!

It's not just a bell but an innovative design object.

A creative sustainable innovation which could easily be sold across borders.

Fully recyclable aluminium design

The Plyke bell is a work of design.

Typical bicycle bells consist of many bolts, screws, and springs, causing them to rust, loosen, and break in the outside environment.

On the other hand, the Plyke bell consists of a single piece of metal. Because it works by elastic bending, the bell is much more durable.


Carbon neutral material footprint

All of the material used in the Plyke bell is recyclable.

Aluminium is the best material for a bicycle bell. It's light, durable, and can be recycled forever. On top of that, by using this one metal, we can reduce our carbon emissions by 95% in the production process.


Ethical production in the EU.

Most of our production is automated.

Designed in Estonia, Plyke bells are manufactured in the EU. Most of our production is automated, and we can guarantee a fair compensation for the contributing labor.


Last year, we exclusively sold our first 39 bells. We got great feedback from you guys and are making the bell even better every day. In spring 2022, just in time for the cycling season, we will make the new bells available to all of you! To not miss it, let's stay in touch.

The eco-friendly bicycle bell.

Designed in Estonia. Made in the EU.

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